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Counselling Service For You

In-Person & Flexible Online Counselling

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Provider for:
NDIS Counselling Support
NSW Workers Compensation
NSW Victims of Crime

We do more than just listen
to your story

In a world of constant connectivity and increasing stress, feelings of anxiety and depression are becoming all too common. But there's hope for change, and I'm here to guide you towards a brighter path. Together, we can explore strategies that promote mental health and well-being.

The transformation doesn't happen within the confines of my office—it takes place when you embrace these newfound insights and carry them into your daily life. By applying these learnings, you'll discover improved coping mechanisms, heightened engagement, and greater success in both your professional endeavors and personal relationships. Your mental health will flourish, leading to an overall sense of well-being and fulfillment.

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My counseling approach is centered on practicality and evidence-based techniques. By integrating applied neuroscience, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a person-centered approach, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your therapy goals.

I encourage you to explore my website to learn more about my approach and the services I offer. Whether you prefer to schedule an appointment by phone, email, or text message, I'm here to support you on your journey to wellness.

It's essential to remember that there was a time when life felt easier and more enjoyable. Through therapy, it's possible to rediscover that sense of well-being and reclaim a happier, healthier life.

Make the call NOW - 1300 373 150

or Text - 0457 541 348


With years of expertise in psychotherapy, Gaye specializes in guiding individuals through their past, nurturing relationships, and achieving personal goals.


Take the first step toward positive change and contact us today.

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Are you seeking someone to confide in? Gaye is here to support you. Whether you're navigating your first steps or feeling isolated, Gaye offers empathetic and understanding listening.

Trained specifically to assist the LGBTQI+ community, Gaye is an endorsed counselor ready to assist you.

Proud to be a Member of and Support....

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NSW SIRA Workers Compensation Approved Provider

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NSW Justice - Victims of Crime Approved Provider

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let's open up a new chapter...

call 1300 373 150 or Text 0457 541 348
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