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Counselling Service For You

In-Person & Flexible Online Counselling

Call 1300 373 150

Provider for:
NDIS Counselling Support
NSW Workers Compensation
NSW Victims of Crime

We do more than just listen
to your story

We live in unprecedented times of growing anxiety & depression. We live in a 24/7 world, & being switched on all the time, is taking its toll on us, our family, friends, work & home lives.


You want to feel better, and I want to help you to feel better. I can show you ways that will bring beneficial changes to your mental health & well-being.

The "magic" doesn't happen in my office.

It happens when YOU take your new learnings out into your world.


Applying your new learnings will help you to cope better, feel better, be more engaged & successful in your work and relationships. Your mental health & overall wellbeing will improve.

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The counselling approach I use is one that is focused, practical and evidence-based.


I am able to use applied neuroscience & Clinical Hypnotherapy combined with a person-centered approach to work with you to achieve your therapy goals.

I invite you to browse my website and become familiar with the work that I do & to call me to make an appointment, or simply send me an email or text message to get back to you.


Remember, there was a time before you felt unwell, when life was easier & more enjoyable. Getting back to that time is possible.

Make the call NOW - 1300 373 150

or Text 0457 541 348


As an experienced psychotherapist, Gaye can help you tell your story of your past, revigorate relationships, and accomplish your goals.


If you have been looking to change but are not sure where, or how to start, call and see what the two of us can do.

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Do you need someone to talk to?

Gaye is here for you. Whether it’s your first time coming out, or if you’re feeling lonely and isolated, Gaye will listen with empathy and understanding. Gaye has undertaken purpose training to work with the LGBTQI+ community and an endorsed Counsellor with

Proud to be a Member of and Support....

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NSW SIRA Workers Compensation Approved Provider

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NSW Justice - Victims of Crime Approved Provider

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let's open up a new chapter...

call 1300 373 150 or Text 0457 541 348
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