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Gaye Cameron

​Gaye Cameron is a Registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience in the field. Gaye has undertaken extensive studies to provide her clients with a wide extent of knowledge and skills, including Master Counselling and Psychotherapy, Master Business Administration, Masters of Hypnotherapy, and recently received her Doctorine of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology - Leadership and Human Behaviour.

Throughout her career, Gaye has worked extensively with individuals from diverse backgrounds across multiple sectors of the healthcare industry, including 15 years in the Emergency Services Natural Disaster division. Prior to commencing a career in counselling, Gaye worked in roles that required individual and business-tailored interventions to help psychologically injured workers, which not only shaped her integrated future approach to therapy but also aided her teaching methods as a sessional lecturer in counselling, mental health and community services at an Australian university.

In private practice.

An Accredited Social Worker with AASW and a Registered Counsellor with ACA, Gaye is Registered as a provider with:

  • NSW SIRA/iCare - Workers Compensation 

  • NSW Victim Services - Victims of Crime

Gaye has a strong interest in exploring and gaining clarity on clients’ concerns through introspection, as well as encouraging individuals to increase their self-awareness to develop personalised strategies. Utilising a range of modalities to achieve this, Gaye has a particular focus on CBT, Solutions Focused Therapy, EFT, Gestalt, and Critical Incident Counselling. In her sessions, Gaye assists her clients with an array of concerns, including depression, anxiety, stress, grief & loss, as well as more complex mental health such as trauma, PTSD, addiction, and dementia.

In her work with couples, Gaye focuses on ‘communication’, ‘trust’, and ‘friendship’ as key to relationships, and works to highlight the importance of empathy and partner perspective in her approach to relationship issues of infidelity, stagnation, and intimacy concerns.


Gaye is a warm and passionate counsellor, dedicated to helping all her clients through a personalised and empathetic approach. Through sessions with Gaye, individuals are able to equip themselves with the tools necessary to overcome life’s difficulties and move forward to live healthier, happier lives.

Don’t deny yourself help – you can schedule a session today via Skype - Phone - Zoom

It's simple to get in touch with Gaye, simply scroll down to the Contact Page and leave her a message to get in touch with you.

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How Can I Help You?

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Counselling is working out your personal problems with the help of a trained professional.  The counsellor helps you to resolve your problems in a positive way by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase   self-awareness.


Everything you discuss with the counsellor is confidential, except in a small number of specific cases, such as where the counsellor is required by law to report a crime.


Anyone who is struggling with a personal concern can seek counselling. Common personal concerns include relationship difficulties, grief and bereavement, difficult life circumstances, anxiety and depression, problem gambling, addictions and workplace stresses (bullying, harassment) or even workplace injuries.


Using a number of techniques, pending on the circumstances and yourself, I offer in a quite secure environment, a place for you to come and discuss your issues in confidence, and allow you heal and develop a pathway to an improved lifestyle.


Please call us if you would like more information 1300 373 150

or Text 0457 541 348

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NDIS Counselling Support

Gaye Cameron is a Registered Accredited Social Worker with AASW and a Registered Counsellor with ACA. 

Through the 'Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living' you can obtain counselling support.

"At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can" - Frida Kahlo

NDIS Counselling Support provides a place where you can really be yourself, where you can truly be heard without judgment and without shame. You can talk about the things that you want to talk about and move towards living the life that you want to live.

The NDIS recognises how important counselling is for people who live with disability. We provide counselling support, and is available through the

NDIS under Disability - Related Health Supports - Individual Counselling - Support Item 15_621_0128_1_3.

Each of us has our own unique needs & experiences, & I specifically tailor our work together to suit each individual. Together we work to identify & build on your existing strengths & unique capabilities & develop new ways of relating to your experiences assisting you in creating the changes that you choose within your life.

Throughout our time together, your privacy & confidentiality are assured. If you like, I can also work collaboratively with your loved ones, carers & other support services in ways that you approve.

I will not impose any particular way of working (or therapeutic modality) upon you, our time together is genuinely collaborative. Together we decide how to work with each other. You decide upon your goals and what you would like to achieve and experience throughout our partnership.

Already have an NDIS Package?

  • Check to ensure that you have 'improved Daily Living Skills included in your NDIS plan

  • Check to see how your NDIS plan is managed​​

  • If you have a Self Management NDIS Plan - Contact me directly here

  • If you have a Plan Management NDIS Plan - have your Plan Manager contact me here

  • If you have an NDIA or "Agency" Managed NDIS Plan - contact me directly here


Fees & Payment

Employees Assistance Program Counselling Sessions can be arranged at a suitable location for the client at cost to the Employer.


I believe everyone should be able to access counselling services.   If you make an appointment with us on your own initiative, without doctors referral, you may be covered by your Private Health Funds - but you will need to confirm with your health fund if they cover any of the costs.

Victims of Crime NSW - If you are a victim of a crime in New South Wales, you may be able to claim counselling support funded by the NSW Victim Services Department.

Workers Compensation NSW - Injured Workers in NSW you are able to get psychological support through us as we are a registered provider.


Counselling Services are not part of the Government Medicare Rebate (as yet), so our fees are in line with other Psychological Services. Our fees are structured to meet industry best practice.


Accepted forms of payment include Cash, Cheque, Visa & MasterCard.  We follow the recommendation of our professional association, the ACA (Australian Counselling Association) in our fee structure, but maintain some flexibility too.


Persons on Health Care Cards or Centrelink/Social Security Pension, discounts apply. No payment plans will be entered into - please do not ask.


Please call us if you would like more information 1300 373 150

or Text 0457 541 348

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