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Gaye Cameron

Gaye Cameron - located in Sydney NSW. Professional Registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist offering professional services to busy people. Gaye has over 30 years working years experience and various Graduate & Post Graduate Degrees including Psychological Science, Counselling and Hypnotherapy, as well as an MBA from the UK.

Gaye understands that people may be experiencing difficulties in life & wanting to talk to a professional.  However, you may often find it difficult to schedule an appointment. It is not always easy to schedule a time when you have to factor in travelling, limited availability during business hours, and other barriers to accessing professional help.

Don’t deny yourself help – you can schedule a session today via Skype - Phone - Zoom

Its simple to get in touch with Gaye, simple scroll down to the Contact Page and leave her a message to get in touch with you.

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How Can I Help You?

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Counselling is working out your personal problems with the help of a trained professional.  The counsellor helps you to resolve your problems in a positive way by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase   self-awareness.


Everything you discuss with the counsellor is confidential, except in a small number of specific cases, such as where the counsellor is required by law to report a crime.


Anyone who is struggling with a personal concern can seek counselling. Common personal concerns include relationship difficulties, grief and bereavement, difficult life circumstances, anxiety and depression, problem gambling, addictions and workplace stresses (bullying, harassment) or even workplace injuries.


Using a number of techniques, pending on the circumstances and yourself, I offer in a quite secure environment, a place for you to come and discuss your issues in confidence, and allow you heal and develop a pathway to an improved lifestyle.


Please call us if you would like more information 1300 373 150

or Text 0457 541 348


Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a profession that is somewhat different to counselling, therapy, mentoring and just giving plain advice. 


The coaching process focuses on specific personal projects, business successes, relationships or profession by looking at what is actually happing now, conditions and transactions occurring in your life, and reviewing what challenges or blockages might be occurring in your life, and selecting a new course of action to make your life what you want it to be.

Do you ask yourself these questions or others each day
  • My life is going hay-wire?
  • Why can’t I get promoted?
  • I just can’t get going in the mornings?
  • I’m just existing – my job is doing me in, what else can I do?
  • I just never finish my projects – why?
  • I need a change in career, what do I do?
  • There is something in my life missing – I just don’t know what?

Through our life, we encounter a coach of some sort.  Our leading sports professions have a team of coaches to reach their goals and ambitions. 


If you want to achieve your best, engaging with a life coach will allow you to clear a path, set your goals and maximise on your purpose of life.  


Life Coaching is an alliance between a client (you) and coach, in which the coaching gives back to you the client.  As a life coach I know you know the answers to your own questions or I can help you challenge yourself to remove the blockages and bring out your best.


As a Life Coach, I know everyone has


inner strength – purpose – ambition – vision


I will work with you to bring them out to help you reach your ‘self actualisation’ in life.


Fees & Payment

Employees Assistance Program Counselling Sessions can be arranged at a suitable location for the client at cost to the Employer.


I believe everyone should be able to access counselling services.   If you make an appointment with us on your own initiative, without doctors referral, you may be covered by your Private Health Funds - but you will need to confirm with your health fund if they cover any of the costs.


Counselling Services are not part of the Government Medicare Rebate (as yet), so our fees are in line with other Psychological Services. Our fees are structured to meet industry best practice.


Accepted forms of payment include Cash, Cheque, Visa & MasterCard.  We follow the recommendation of our professional association, the ACA (Australian Counselling Association) in our fee structure, but maintain some flexibility too.


Persons on Health Care Cards or Centrelink/Social Security Pension, discounts apply. No payment plans will be entered into - please do not ask.


Please call us if you would like more information 1300 373 150

or Text 0457 541 348