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  • Gaye Cameron

Men are victims of domestics too

I have been in practice now for 10 years as a psychotherapist & social worker, and in this time, I have had to support many men who have fallen victim to domestic violence. We see it in the media, saddly more about women losing their lives and other women being severely hurt in a domestic situation, but the media fails to show the other victims - men/fathers/partners and the children.

Sadly, many men in this situation just walk way with the emotional scars and psychological pain, and take it with them to their next partnership, or in a worse case, fall further victim to depression, anxiety and trauma related concerns.

There is help, our practice provides trauma informed care for men, either online or face to face (Gymea, NSW), our services can attend to your emotional and psychological needs.

If you are a victim of a crime in NSW, you may be able to get financial funding for counselling support, of which our practice is registered to provide.

It's never too late to reach out - call NOW - 1300 373 150

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