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  • Gaye Cameron

Tears - Emotional Residue

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

In recent months, I had been chatting with a good friend of mine and we talked about crying and what the tears actually mean. I recently had a very intelligent mature aged client come to see me after losing her only son overseas. She was mixed with anger - frustration - fear - loneliness - grief. During our session, almost on cue, the tears would flow and they were based on each emotion.

I explained to my client that tears were a way our body released the emotion many ways including tears. Crying is a good thing and at times we also need to let the pressure relief valve and crying is a way of adjusting.

I have heard for many years now, that tears can be a sign of weakness, and are taken out of context. When we are overwhelmed or stressed, our tears are the pressure valve releasing. Could you imagine if our bladders were not relieved! its the same with tears, our tear ducts are waste outlet, and triggered further when we are emotional. Having a good cry allows our body to release waste. It is a fact our tears can have proteins in them, hormones including cortisol, all of which our body needs to release. When we have angry tears they release extra salts, hence why some tears can be saltier than others! So, if you want to separate your tears by taste, angry = high salt, sad = less salty & happy = slightly sweeter, so emotional tears taste saltier than physiological tears.

So remember this Christmas when you are shedding those tears of frustration, anger or sadness, you’re actually doing yourself & everyone around you a favour by releasing the pressure value......this is better than venting your anger, frustration out at others verbally or physically!

With this in mind, I will leave you with this quote from a friend of mind....

"Courage is an angel, it makes the difference between a good life & a great life."

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